What is PEMF Therapy?

Perhaps have heard about PEMF therapy from a friend, or maybe your doctor has mentioned it to you.

Whatever the reason, you are here because you are curious about this alternative form of treatment and want to know more.

Below, we explore what PEMF therapy is, its origins, the importance of energy medicine in healing, and the various types of PEMF devices that you can purchase today.

After reading this short guide, you will know the basics of PEMF therapy and will be ready to make an informed choice about whether this treatment option is right for you.


Understanding the Basics of Energy Medicine

Before we delve specifically into PEMF therapy, it is vital to understand the foundations of energy medicine, upon which this form of treatment is based.

Your body is comprised of nearly 100 trillion cells, and each of these is made from thousands and thousands of molecules, each with its own function and structure.

That makes the human body an extremely complex system, one that has an unfathomable number of parts that all must work together to accomplish their goal of keeping you healthy.

Over the past several decades, scientists and researchers have begun to uncover and understand how cells and molecules communicate with one another.

They each use a low frequency of electromagnetic energy to send signals all throughout your body, conveying information and triggering responses.

This makes sense considering every atom in the universe, including those in your cells, is made up of photons that carry electromagnetic energy.

That makes the human body an energy network.

When you consider this, it is also worth wondering how, then, we could use electricity and energy to help manipulate the body and heal it.

What if, instead of invasive surgery or medications that have side effects, we used energy to restore cells and help them achieve optimal function?

The notion of using energy and magnets to heal the body is not a new one.

Ancient people had a rudimentary understanding of this capability and began using magnets in their healing practices thousands of years ago.

The importance of energy in healing can be seen in the concept of chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Ayurvedic principles, and in the chakras of Tantric healing.

In short, we have known for a long time that energy heals. And now, we are finally able to use the right type of energy to produce the best results.


Understanding the Basics of PEMF Therapy

We now know that all living things, including humans, have energy and emit their own magnetic fields.

Energy is always moving, and it can be produced in varying frequencies.

Our bodies are this immense and extremely complicated network of photons that each require energy.

When stores of energy are depleted, whether through aging, disease, or injury, there are several consequences that result in cellular dysfunction.

The first of these is that cells will not have the energy to perform essential functions.

The electrical charge of the cell is also what controls what comes in and goes out of each cell, which means depleted cells are not getting the nutrients and energy they need.

Finally, cells with no energy do not communicate effectively with other cells and tissues in the body, which can lead to dysfunction, as well.

For all these reasons, replenishing your stores of cellular energy using external stimulation can help improve your health.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a type of electrotherapy that introduces low-intensity, low-frequency waves of energy to the body.

By resupplying your cells of their needed electrical charge, you are restoring their ability to perform, communicate, and get the resources they need.

This form of energy medicine can be used to restore your health, maintain good health, and prevent disease while fighting the effects of aging.

PEMF therapy works by restoring your cell’s metabolism and increasing the permeability of the cellular membrane to let in more nutrients and let out more waste materials.

This brings balance back to your body by restoring the various frequencies within you and repairing the damaged and dying cells that are causing you problems.

Electromagnetic energy can penetrate your entire body, which makes it an excellent treatment for conditions and diseases that run deep within you.

There are PEMF devices that can target specific areas and others that provide PEMF stimulation to your whole body.

These devices use a magnetic that is wrapped in wire, and when electricity is passed through this wire, an electromagnetic field is generated.

Depending on the device, you may be able to adjust the waveform, frequency, and intensity of the PEMF pulses to your specific needs.

The best PEMF devices use intensities and frequencies that complement those of the human body, which means they are low.

Low-frequency pulses between 0-32 Hz match those produced naturally in your body, and intensities lower than 100 Gauss units are best for healing.


Types of PEMF Devices

Consumers today have a wide variety of PEMF devices that are available for them to purchase.

In general, these machines are used for two different purposes or come in one of two designs.

The first would be whole-body devices.

These machines are often some type of mat upon which you are meant to lay for varying periods of time.

Some mats are meant to be used while you sleep, while others are designed for shorter periods of use during the day.

Whole-body systems are often the right choice for those who use PEMF therapy for preventative care, to help with chronic problems, or to address diffuse issues such as full-body inflammation.

Many people prefer this type of device because it can help with sleep issues and can improve the regulation of your overall wellness.

Most mats can be used on a soft surface, like your bed, and some even work while you are seated in a chair or on a couch.

The other category of PEMF devices is those meant to treat location-specific problems.

These are usually much smaller than whole-body machines.

They generally use adhesive pads or paddles that you apply to your body and remove them after treatment.

You can use these PEMF devices to treat specific parts of the body or to direct energy to a confined area.

Some PEMF devices of this sort can be worn under clothing while others come with a special harness or straps to direct the energy.

All PEMF devices come with different functions, features, and controllers that can allow you to customize your session.

While some may operate at a consistent frequency, others have the ability to adjust this variable during your session.

Most come with some type of controller that may include a timer function.

Some include other features and forms of therapy in addition to PEMF stimulation.

In short, there are many different types of PEMF devices, and the one that works best for you will be the one that meets your health and wellness needs.


How to Use PEMF Therapy

To use PEMF therapy correctly, you must first read the instructions for your specific device that comes from the manufacturer.

This will help you understand how your PEMF device works, its particular functions and features, and how to adjust it to suit your needs.

Many machines have preset programs, and it is important that you understand the difference between these before selecting which is right for you.

When it comes to PEMF therapy, the most important considerations will be frequency and intensity.

Various cells and conditions responded differently to differing frequencies.

Talk with your doctor or research your specific health needs before selecting the right frequency for your needs.

In terms of intensity, be sure that your machine uses low-intensity pulses.

If the amplitude is adjustable, you may need to test which strength is best for your needs, as this can vary from person to person.

If you are unsure about how to use your PEMF device, talk with your physical therapy, doctor, or another healthcare provider.

They will be able to help you find the best application method, time interval, and frequency for your needs.

There is no single “best” way to use a PEMF device because the right way for you may be different for someone else.

Choose the treatment method that matches your needs and helps your body respond most optimally.

You may need to use some level of trial and error to find the right combination of time, intensity, and frequency over time, as well.

But, because PEMF therapy is safe, you can feel good knowing that you are never doing any harm to your body by using this form of treatment.


Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is an excellent treatment option for many people.

It is a safe and non-invasive treatment that has no adverse effects.

It can be combined with other therapies without interfering with them.

When it is combined with other healthy habits, it can restore you to optimal health and improve your ability to stay healthy and live longer.

The following are some of the best benefits that PEMF therapy can offer to your health.

PEMF therapy is a proven treatment for many types of pain.

If you have chronic pain or experience acute pain from time to time, then PEMF therapy may be able to alleviate the source of this symptom.

Pain from arthritis, joint problems, soft tissue damage, headaches and migraines, menstrual issues, nerve damage, and many other conditions respond favorably to PEMF treatments, even when they have not responded to other forms of therapy.

Those who have chronic pain and are looking for an alternative to medications should consider PEMF therapy.

PEMF stimulation is also widely used to reduce inflammation, a symptom that can not only cause pain but a wide range of other problems.

Inflammation is responsible for many autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions and contributes to many of the leading causes of premature death in the US.

Reducing inflammation helps joints stay healthier, keeps blood flowing through your body, and allows you to move and enjoy your life more.

PEMF therapy is wonderful for treating both hard and soft-tissue damage, including tendinitis, sprains, strains, wounds, and fractures.

It enhances the body’s natural healing process, which means that you can repair damage faster and return to your normal activities in a shorter time.

PEMF stimulation also helps improve conditions like insomnia, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, and relieve the effects of excessive stress.

Regular use of PEMF stimulation can slow the neurodegeneration of aging while improving focus, cognition, and memory.

PEMF therapy can improve circulation, which helps with a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, neuropathy, wound healing, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure.

The medical research on the benefits of PEMF therapy is extensive and spans the last thirty years.

Scientists are continuing to learn more about how this treatment can benefit the body, and in all the years of study, it has consistently been shown to be a safe treatment that utilizes adverse reactions in only very specific cases involving things like implanted devices and previous conditions such as epilepsy.


Final Thoughts

As a form of low-intensity electrotherapy, PEMF stimulation is a safe and natural process that can restore the body’s natural balance and improve its ability to heal and repair itself.

As a non-invasive treatment, it is often preferred over other forms of conventional medicine, and because it addresses a wide range of issues, investing in a PEMF device for at-home use can improve your overall health and wellness significantly.

PEMF therapy is growing in popularity as more people understand its benefits and appreciate that it is an alternative to the side effects of modern medicine.

Because it can be used for many people and to treat multiple conditions, it also becomes a cost-effective way to treat yourself at home.