PEMF Therapy for Pets

PEMF therapy is gaining popularity for at-home treatment of many conditions that affect people, but you may also be interested to learn that you can use this same form of therapy to treat the beloved animals in your life.

Because PEMF stimulation is safe and non-invasive, it presents a way to help treat your pets and extend their lives as well as help them feel better.

From older pets with mobility issues to younger animals who have sustained an injury, PEMF therapy can help improve your pet’s quality of life, relieve pain, and treat many medical problems.

This guide explores the many benefits of PEMF therapy for your pet and offers you options for how to use this treatment at home.

As veterinarians are learning more about this technology all the time, we are seeing a rise in the types and quality of devices available for animal owners, too.

Here you will find everything you need to know about using PEMF therapy for your four-legged friend, including how it can improve their health.


Understanding PEMF Therapy

Before we discuss how this treatment can be used for your pets, let us first briefly discuss just precisely what PEMF therapy is.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) stimulation is a form of electromagnetic therapy that can be used to heal the body naturally.

The low-intensity, low-frequency pulses of electromagnetic energy easy penetrate living tissues, where they then replenish cells’ natural stores of electrical energy.

Cells need energy to perform their necessary functions, and when they are depleted, they no longer work properly.

This can lead to injury, diseases, and chronic symptoms like pain and inflammation.

Restoring a cell’s natural energy allows it to do its job, to rejuvenate and heal itself, and to create new cells when needed.

Stimulating a cell with electromagnetic energy also improves the permeability of the cell membrane, which allows nutrients and oxygen to enter the cell and wastes to exit.

The more permeable this barrier, the healthier the cell.


The History of PEMF Therapy Use for Animals

Magnetic therapy has been around for hundreds of years, and some of the earliest applications for using static magnets in the US were on horses.

Later, various types of pulsed EMFs were also used on horses.

Success in treating injuries and healing damaged tissue prevented horses from needing surgery or from being euthanized, so many veterinarians have since adopted the practice of using this type of therapy on specific injuries.

As PEMF devices began to be introduced for at-home use in humans, pet owners increasingly reported unanticipated side effects in their pets.

For example, if an owner was using a PEMF device such as a mat and a small dog or cat frequently sat on their lap during treatment sessions, the owner would sometime notice that their pet showed improvements in conditions like stiff joints or that they seemed to have more energy.

Today, there are many devices available specifically for use with pets, including specialized horse blankets, sleeping pads for smaller pets, leg wraps for treating large animal injuries, and many others.


Why PEMF Therapy is Effective at Treating Pets

Just as in humans, PEMF therapy can be effective at helping to heal and support healthy tissues in your animals.

PEMF stimulation does not explicitly target human cells.

Instead, its energy complements that of all living things and works by replenishing what is missing from living cells.

That means that its primary function is to restore health and vitality to a living cell, whether in a person, a cat, a dog, or some other living creature.

PEMF energy does not discriminate by species and can be used to help heal any tissue that needs support.

Pets, especially household ones like dogs and cats, have a smaller body mass and higher metabolic rates than humans.

Because of this, PEMF stimulation can be even more effective and take less time in treating animals than it would be to address a similar condition in a person. PEMF therapy for small animals also requires less intensity.

Regularly treating an older animal with PEMF therapy can help slow the effects of aging and keep them feeling and acting like their younger selves for many years.

Some pet owners whose pets sleep on a PEMF mat have reported remarkable longevity in their pets and attribute this mainly to the regular use of PEMF treatments.

PEMF stimulation can be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions in pets, much like it can be used in humans.

Because it is a safe, non-invasive therapy that requires no medications, it is preferable for many pet owners.

PEMF therapy can also be used to complement and enhance more conventional treatments, including medications.

Like in humans, PEMF therapy in pets can be used to address just about any medical condition that results from low-performing cellular function.

Those symptoms, diseases, and disorders that respond best to PEMF stimulation for your pets include inflammation, joint disorders and problems, fractures, wounds, arthritis, skin problems, diabetes complications, injuries of the soft tissue, circulation issues, and seizure disorders.

PEMF therapy is quite effective at treating pain of all types, as well.

Because PEMF energy penetrates the entire body, this form of therapy can help to stimulate every cell in your pet’s body, producing excellent results in a fraction of the time it would take for similar outcomes in a person.

Increasing the energy levels and metabolism of your pet’s cells improves their ability to heal from infection, disease, or injury and to fight the effects of aging.

Just as PEMF therapy cannot cure terminal diseases in people, it will not save your pet from certain medical conditions, but it is an excellent option for improving their general health and for treating the specific conditions listed above.

Just as people need to focus on maintaining optimal health throughout their lives, so do animals.

PEMF stimulation is an excellent way to ensure your pet stays healthy and strong throughout their lives and reduce their need for medications, surgeries, and other veterinarian interventions.

While your pet may have a different physiology than a person, their cells are basically the same and benefit from the same energy as you do.

Giving them the gift of wellness using PEMF therapy can prolong their life and help them enjoy less pain and more fun being your companion.


Types of PEMF Devices for Pets

There are several options for using PEMF therapy to treat your pet’s medical and wellness needs.

And there are always new products coming on the market.

Most devices that are meant to be used by smaller household pets, such as dogs and cats, are beds and mats of some type.

These may or may not have a softer cushion or pad on top, but most can be used in conjunction with your pet’s regular bed to provide therapy.

For larger animals, such as horses, there are other products more applicable to their size.

These include mats that your horse can stand on in their stall, blankets that they can wear even when outdoors, leg wraps that can be adjusted to fit over various parts of the animal, and neck wraps.

Most animal products are used at an extremely low intensity that is most appropriate for their size and metabolism and are often adjustable to meet your animal’s needs.

When looking for a PEMF product for your pet, you should also consider:

  • Is the device washable, or can it be cleaned when soiled?
  • Will you be using the device for one or more than one animal?
  • Does it come from a reliable manufacturer?
  • Is there a warranty, in case the unit breaks?
  • Is there excellent customer service in case you need help using the device?
  • What controls or functions does the device have?
  • Can my pet use this PEMF device unsupervised?


While some pet owners may be skeptical that their pet would even use a PEMF device enough to reap the benefits, many owners report that their pets naturally gravitate toward the healing energy of these devices.

When humans use PEMF mats in their beds, for example, many find that their pets naturally gravitate toward these, and they can even have trouble disengaging their pets from the bed each morning because the animals seem so content to remain on the PEMF device.


PEMF Treatment: The Difference for Many Pets

If you read enough testimonials from pet owners who use PEMF therapy for their animals, you will notice many common themes.

For starters, older animals often have more energy and improved mobility after just a few days or weeks of PEMF stimulation.

PEMF therapy often reduces joint pain and stiffness, leading to animals acting like their younger selves and being able to perform actions they ceased doing long ago.

Pets that have injuries, nerve problems, or chronic conditions will often enjoy improvements in their symptoms or a complete disappearance of conditions that previously were untreatable.

Owners who pets have sustained even severe injuries report remarkable and miraculous recoveries after PEMF therapy was used.

Veterinary research indicates that the use of steroids to treat many chronic conditions or slow-healing injuries may harm your pet more than help him or her.

PEMF therapy can help reduce the need for steroids and other medications that often have many adverse effects.

By treating injuries and conditions at their source using natural energies, you are giving them the option of non-invasive treatments that will not harm their health in other ways.

PEMF therapy is an excellent way to improve your pet’s overall quality of life, giving them the gift of pain-free movements and enhancing their ability to perform everyday activities like walking up and down stairs, getting up on furniture, and playing with your family.

Considering that the alternative often creates new problems, the ability to help your pet without side effects is one of the best reasons to consider PEMF therapy.

For chronic conditions, PEMF therapy can be more affordable than standard treatments like medications and surgery.

PEMF stimulation is also easy to administer and requires very little time or effort from you.

You should talk with your veterinarian about whether PEMF stimulation could help your pet’s well-being.

If your vet is unfamiliar with this form of therapy, that is not uncommon.

Many vets are still unaware of this technology and may need you to prompt them to learn more.

PEMF therapy can become your four-legged friends’ best option and most treasured experience.

Consider offering the gift of healing to your best friend today.

When choosing a PEMF device with your pets, be sure to select on that has the option of being used an extremely low intensity (less than 1 Gauss unit) or be sure to elevate your pet’s bed slightly so that they are not laying directly upon the unit.

Being able to adjust the frequency may also be an essential consideration, depending on your pet’s health needs.


Final Thoughts

PEMF therapy is not just for people anymore. Pets need healing and support just like humans.

In the same way that PEMF therapy can restore balance and function to human cells, it can also repair and rejuvenate the cells of your pet’s body, improving their overall health and addressing wellness issues.

Because pets are smaller than people, they require less intense EMF stimulation.

Their cells respond favorable to this type of therapy and often see results in a brief time, thanks to their naturally faster metabolism.

PEMF therapy can help your pet feel better, restore their mobility, end their pain, and return them to a more youthful mood and energy level.

By slowing the aging process, PEMF therapy can extend the life of your pet while also improving the quality of their lives.

Talk with your vet about whether PEMF therapy is an excellent choice for your pet’s medical condition or healthcare needs.

He or she will be able to discuss with you the particular benefits that this form of electrotherapy may have for your cat or dog.