PEMF and Cancer: Can PEMF Therapy Treat Cancer?

Caner is a scourge that seems to have taken over in modern society, with everyone from the very young to the very old developing cancerous cells. Unlike many other illnesses, cancer is not one that necessarily comes from an external source, as is the case with bacterial infections, fungal infections, and viruses, but instead comes from within, when normal, human cells mutate in a way that is deleterious to the body’s overall health. Cancer cells can be found virtually anywhere, thought breast cancer, lung cancer, and lymphoma are some of the more well-known types of cancer.

Cancer: What It Is and What It Does

Although the word “cancer” is known by just about anyone you come across, cancer is very often poorly understood, or not understood at all. Rather than “getting” cancer, as is often suggested, people develop cancer, which is to say that cancer is generated internally, and is actually created by the body’s own cells. Cancer treatment options are difficult to create and carry out, because they very often wreak havoc on all of the body’s cells, instead of exclusively targeting cancer cells. Radiation can require isolation from loved ones, and can create additional issues, such as decreased immunity, hair loss, and excessive fatigue. Cancer is an unnatural cellular response, wherein normally, healthy cells mutate into cells that cause disease, whether those cells are tumor cells, creating unnatural growths, or cells that continue to replicate at an increased rate, and slowly take over and destroy healthy cells. At its core, cancer is a cellular disease, and requires a cellular therapy.

PEMF Therapy: What It Is and What It Does

Now that a basic understanding of cancer is under your belt, a greater understanding of PEMF therapy is in order. PEMF therapy, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is an intervention created using a PEMF machine. PEMF machines are fairly simple electrical devices that generate pure electromagnetic fields by applying electricity to a copper coil. The corresponding electromagnetic field is then funneled into an applicator, which may be a mat, wand, ring, or pad. Applicators are then placed against the body, whether against clothes or directly against skin, in order to deliver pulses of energy.

Pulses of electromagnetic energy enter the body at varying rates, dependent on the machine in question’s frequency, and deliver that energy directly to the body’s cells. Once in the cells, energy can be utilized in the same way as the body’s own natural energy, which is derived from food sources. This energy can then be used to improve cellular function (including the cellular death that is supposed to occur when cancerous cells appear in the body), repair damaged communication pathways both intra-and-extracellularly, and support overall cellular health and function. With improved cell function, the body is better equipped to mount immune responses, communicate with other bodily systems, and support general health and wellness. It is through these pathways that PEMF therapy is best able to assist in treating cancer and supporting the health of cancer patients.

PEMF and Cancer: Treatment, Cure, Or Something Else?

Is PEMF therapy a cure for cancer? The answer is nuanced, and not quite as straightforward as saying “yes” or “no.” Instead, the answer is something like this: PEMF therapy is often used as a supplemental treatment for cancer, but is not typically regarded as a primary or sole treatment for any type of cancer. This is largely due to the lack of research used to evaluate the efficacy of PEMF therapy in treating cancer. Although initial studies have demonstrated enormous potential—including a diminished size of tumors and the death of growing tumorous cells—the lack of widespread studies means that PEMF therapy remains a supplemental intervention. It should be understood, though, that a lack of widespread recognition does not mean that PEMF therapy definitively should not be used as a treatment for cancer; instead, it means that PEMF therapy can be a viable option for treating cancer, in conjunction with traditional methods, such as radiation and surgery to remove cancerous cells.

In addition to aiding in the death of cancerous cells, PEMF therapy has been shown as a promising supplement to traditional cancer treatment because it can help existing cancer treatment more effectively complete its goals. Some studies have shown that cancer patients who utilize PEMF alongside standard cancer treatments experience an increase in treatment efficacy. This means that cancer patients who use PEMF therapy may experience a greater likelihood of responding to treatment than those who do not use PEMF therapy.

In the question of “treatment, cure, or something else,” the answer is the latter. Until more studies show the power of PEMF therapy in treating cancer, hospitals and insurance companies are unlikely to approve PEMF therapy for the treatment of cancer. Until then, people with cancer may improve their chances of responding to treatment by utilizing PEMF therapy. Going this route does require letting your treatment team know, as PEMF therapy can also improve the efficacy of other medications, and changes to dosages may be required to make sure all existing medications are working in harmony and are completing their tasks as expected.

PEMF and Cancer: Moving Forward

As PEMF therapy continues to enjoy some time in the limelight, with increasing numbers of research studies coming out each year, it may enjoy an increase in acceptance as a supplement for cancer treatment among traditional health clinics and Western health clinics, alike. Currently, PEMF therapy is seen as an up and coming inclusion in cancer treatment plans, as it can be useful in improving the strength of existing cancer treatment methods, and arresting the growth of tumors. Although it is not currently regarded as a cure or even a dedicated treatment for cancer, it is certainly worth mentioning to your treatment team, to combat cancerous cell from a number of different angles. If you are interested in using PEMF therapy as part of your plan of attack against cancer, reach out to your doctors for more information and locate any local offices that deliver PEMF therapy. Should you wish to utilize PEMF therapy at home, be sure to let your treatment team know, to make sure all of your treatments are working together effectively.